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Satin Jacquard Ribbons and Trims


We offer premium Ribbons, Trims & Laces that redefine elegance. Elevate your product line with our uniquely crafted designs

Its all about Ribbons, Laces, Trims and Patches

"Unique stands as a premier global destination, delivering our premium range of Satin Printed Ribbons, Jacquard Ribbons, Embroidery Trims, Crochet Trims, and Iron-on Patches worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to serving importers and wholesalers globally, our products epitomize quality craftsmanship and customizable designs to meet diverse project needs. Experience the essence of sophistication and creativity with Unique's exquisite trimmings and accessories, tailored for discerning clients seeking unparalleled elegance. Explore our collections and elevate your creations with Unique today."

Satin Printed Ribbons

Satin Printed Ribbon

Cotton Crochet Laces

Cotton Crochet Trims


Custom Branding

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Satin Cutwork Ribbon Laces

Embellish Elegance with

Satin Cutwork


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Jacquard Satin Ribbon

Drapped in Whispers 

Floral Jacquard 


adorned with the essence of creativity


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